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Helpful Information

Welcome to the new Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) Data Management System. This newly designed online system provides a secure and intuitive means of managing your private school file. The following definitions and tips will help you navigate this site.

Email Address:You must provide an email address to use the online system. This email is where you will receive confirmations from the DNPE.

Establish a password: This is where you will create a password the first time you interact with the system. If you have an established private school you can access this page with your school ID the first time you enter the system. You must have an email address to establish this log in.

Log in to Your Private School Account: : Once you have established a password this is the page where you will always enter the system.

Request a Driver’s Eligibility Certificate: Chief Administrators may request a Driver’s Eligibility Certificates. This form is taken to the DMV when applying for a permit.

Print Your Official Registration Record: This page allows you to print a copy of your official Registration Record.

All private schools interested in registering as a new Direct Payment School with the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority, must submit a new school sign up request:

Registration requirements for Opportunity Scholarship and ESA+ funding.

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