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Notice of Intent to Establish a Private School
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Notice of Intent to Establish a Private School

Each conventional private elementary/secondary school in North Carolina enrolling students of North Carolina compulsory attendance age (at least age 7 but not yet age 16) must be in accordance with G.S. 115C- 547-562.

  • Report its name, address, and names of its chief administrator and owner(s) to the Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) via the Notice of Intent to operate a conventional private school. It is suggested that this action be taken 30-60 days before the school begins initial operation.
  • Meet the fire, safety and sanitation standards established by state and local authorities.A copy of the fire and sanitation inspections must be submitted with the Notice of Intent to operate a conventional private school.
  • Follow certain requirements to ensure that the school buildings meet the applicable asbestos regulations.
  • Operate for a school term of at least nine calendar months on a regular schedule excluding reasonable holidays and vacations.
  • Administer a national standardized test in grades 3, 6, 9, and 11 each academic year.
  • Establish and maintain a cut-off score for graduation on the national standardized test administered to all 11th graders.
  • Maintain on file for each calendar year
    1. Attendance records
    2. Immunization records
    3. Annual testing records for each enrolled student
  • Provide required records for inspection to an official of the Division of Non-Public Education when requested.
  • Close the private school within 30 days by notifying Division of Non-Public Education when there are no more students being actively enrolled in the school (i.e. when all students have been enrolled in another school or graduated). Schools may be reopened at a later time if necessary. You may close a school by logging into the account established for the school. (G.S 115C-552, 115C-564).

The recent change in law has not altered how and when private schools are required to register with the NC Division of Non-Public Education. Registration is done by the filling of a Notice of Intent form. Private schools with only one administrator and additional locations within a reasonable supervisory distance are only required to submit one Notice of Intent to Operate. These schools will list there multiple locations on one Notice of Intent form as they have always done. Private schools with separate administrators and multiple locations should complete a Notice of Intent to Operate for each campus