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Notice of Intent to Establish a Home School
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To view all open home schools within a county: Select a county, then click "Find Administrator"

To view open home schools by last name: Enter a chief administrator's last name, and optionally select the county of residence, then click "Find Administrator".

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The Division of Non-Public Education acknowledges receipt of a notice of intent to operate the home school listed within these search results, as required by Article 39, Chapter 115C of the North Carolina General Statutes.

However, this acknowledgment is legally null and void if the home school below enrolls only age 18 or older students; fails to meet the legal definition of GS 115C-563(a); or operates only during the summer months. Inclusion in these search results does not prove that all state requirements have been met.

Please note that the home school academic instructional setting must always meet the definition given in GS 115C-563(a). Academic instructional group settings of compulsory attendance age students are limited to children from no more than two households. Those involving students from three or more households are not permitted as home schools.